How Early Should You Start Black Friday Marketing?

In the fiercely competitive world of Black Friday promotions, brands that initiate their marketing strategies early stand a better chance of reaching their target audience and generating engagement that leads to sales. Learn more here.

Black Friday isn’t just another sales day; it’s a monumental marketing event that can attract new customers and encourage existing ones to try your product or service. But here’s the twist: every year, the market gets more crowded and competitive as brands jostle for attention. Gone are the days when promotions started just a week in advance. The anticipation surrounding Black Friday is palpable, and everyone’s trying to get a head start. 

This leads us to a pressing question: just how early should you roll out your Black Friday marketing campaign? It’s sooner than you may think. 

In this blog post we’ll unpack why it’s important to start your Black Friday campaigns early, and discuss best practices for delivering effective digital marketing campaigns that help you reach your goals. 

Let’s do it!  

The Case For Starting Black Friday Marketing Early 

Beating The Competition 

Timing is everything. Being among the first to launch your campaigns isn’t just about being ahead—it’s about capturing a sizable chunk of consumer attention and budget while fewer businesses are vying for those coveted ad spots. Why? 

Simply put, keyword and ad costs are much more affordable when less people are competing for them. Naturally, competition will increase as Black Friday draws closer.

Building Anticipation and Buzz 

Anticipation is a powerful psychological driver. When consumers expect something exciting, they’re more engaged, attentive, and primed for action. This heightened emotional state can be channeled effectively for Black Friday. 

By deploying teasers about upcoming deals or sneak peeks of desirable items, you’re lighting the fuse of consumer excitement. Add a countdown to the mix, and you’ve created a palpable sense of urgency. Every ticking second resonates with the promise of unbeatable offers, making your audience more eager. Start early, build that buzz, and watch as anticipation transforms casual browsers into committed buyers.

Longer Promotional Window

By initiating your Black Friday marketing ahead of the curve, you’re granting consumers a more extended window to interact with your brand. This isn’t just additional time—it’s an opportunity. A prolonged promotional period means more touchpoints, be it through ads, emails, or social posts. These repeated engagements don’t just serve as reminders but also reinforce brand recall. 

Moreover, consumers benefit from a lengthier consideration phase, allowing them to mull over their choices, compare, and ultimately commit to purchasing. Essentially, starting your Black Friday marketing early gives you time to nurture a deeper connection between consumers and your brand, paving the way for better conversion rates.

When To Start Black Friday Marketing 

Start your Black Friday marketing campaigns two to three weeks before the big day. Because Black Friday falls on November 24th this year, you should start marketing your sales and discounts around the end of October or start of November.

Best Practices For Early Black Friday Marketing

Research and Planning 

Diving into early Black Friday marketing without adequate research is like setting sail without a compass. Research and planning is key. 

Firstly, analyse past trends. By examining previous years’ sales and customer behaviors, you can get an idea of what worked and what you could improve on or change this time round. Know your audience. Understand their preferences, buying patterns, and triggers. This insight is gold—it allows you to tailor your strategies effectively. 

Furthermore, don’t venture out without a clear roadmap. Set distinct goals, be it specific ROAS targets, or attracting a certain number of fresh faces to your brand. Setting goals and measuring your Black Friday campaigns against them as they’re running and after they’re completed will give you a clear idea of your success. 

Segmentation and Personalised Messaging  

Generic, one-size-fits-all Black Friday marketing messaging may work, but there are better ways to connect with your potential customers. By strategically segmenting your audience into smaller categories – such as by demographic or behaviour – you can craft messages that resonate more deeply with each group. This tailored approach not only increases the relevance and impact of your messaging but can also help boost engagement, conversion rates, brand loyalty, and your overall ROI by delivering the right content to the right people at the right time.

Why stop there? Elevate your Black Friday campaigns even further with personalised messaging. Send tailored emails or deploy retargeting social media ads that align perfectly with their individual preferences or shopping behaviour. In an era where consumers are bombarded with promotions, having a personalised touch helps set you apart and builds a stronger brand-customer relationship.

Offer Real Deals 

Genuine allure lies in authentic value. To stand out, ensure your deals not only grab attention but also provide unmistakable value to the shopper. Eschew the generic “30% off sitewide” pitches. Instead, spice up your promotions with innovative deals, bundled offers, or unique product discounts. 

Here are five fun Black Friday deal ideas: 

  1. Mystery Discounts: Offer exclusive, randomised discounts as an incentive for subscription to your email newsletter. 
  2. Bundled Bonanza: Curate unique product bundles that aren’t usually available, encouraging customers to discover and buy more.
  3. Golden Ticket: Insert ‘Golden Tickets’ in a random set of orders placed on Black Friday, offering significant rewards like a free product or major discount. The chance to ‘win more’ will encourage customers during the consideration period. 
  4. Early Bird Specials: Offer bigger discounts or special giveaways for the first few hours of your sale, incentivising customers to shop early.
  5. Buy and Give: For every purchase made, pledge to donate a certain percentage or a product to a charitable cause, making shopping feel good.

Incorporating innovative deals like this can make your Black Friday sales event more engaging and successful, and can benefit your marketing strategy long-term by attracting new customers. 

Coordinate With Other Promotions 

Navigating the Black Friday rush requires a keen sense of timing. Avoid overlapping promotions, as they can muddle your message and diminish impact. Prioritise a clear, structured promotional calendar, ensuring each deal gets its spotlight moment. This approach not only streamlines your marketing but also guides customers smoothly from one offer to the next, maintaining enthusiasm without overwhelming them.

Engage Across Multiple Channels 

Placing all your marketing eggs in one basket is a missed opportunity. Multi-channel marketing, on the other hand, casts a wider, more intricate net. By using numerous digital and traditional marketing channels to promote your campaign, you will amplify your reach and engage potential customers wherever they spend their time online. 

On social media, you can generate anticipation with creative content, teasers, and countdowns. Email marketing serves as a direct line to your subscribers, offering them exclusive deals, timely reminders, and enticing teasers. Meanwhile, paid advertising, through platforms like Google Ads or Facebook Ads, ensures your deals grab the spotlight in a crowded marketplace and may attract high-intent shoppers. 

For instance, imagine launching a Black Friday campaign where an Instagram teaser directs users to sign up for an exclusive email deal. Once subscribed, they receive a special discount code and see targeted ads on Facebook reminding them to make a purchase. This multi-channel approach creates a cohesive and compelling customer journey.

That’s All, Folks

In the fiercely competitive world of Black Friday promotions, brands that initiate their marketing strategies early stand a better chance of reaching their target audience and generating engagement that leads to sales. 

This year, try starting your Black Friday marketing efforts at least a month early; it could be the difference between a successful sales season and a missed opportunity!

If you found this article helpful, be sure to share it with your friends and followers so they can keep killing their own digital marketing. And, of course, reach out to our friendly digital marketing team today if you’re ready to elevate your marketing. 

Until next time, 

The Digital Marketing Team at Springboard Digital.

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