Key 2024 Marketing Dates

Ready to map out your year? From traditional dates like Black Friday, to hidden gems like International Coffee Day, this guide is packed to the brim with key 2024 marketing dates you need in your calendar.

As we usher in 2024, savvy marketers understand the significance of aligning their campaigns with the rhythm of the calendar year. Key marketing dates act as signposts, guiding both consumers and brands through a journey filled with opportunities to connect, engage, and transact. 

Being well-prepared for these pivotal moments is not just beneficial—it’s essential. Without timely preparation, you could risk being overshadowed by competitors, missing out on substantial revenue potential, or diluting your brand message in the noise of the marketplace.

However, it’s not just about jumping on every date that pops up in the marketing calendar. You must be selective, choosing moments that truly resonate with your brand ethos and audience. Not every date will be pertinent to your brand, so discernment is key. 

Depending on the scale and complexity of your campaigns, you should begin the planning process 3-6 months in advance. This ensures ample time for research, strategy development, content creation, and testing. 

Alongside the traditional milestones, such as Mother’s Day and Black Friday, we’ve also included bonus dates like International Coffee Day (the most important day of the year) that could be golden opportunities for seasonal campaigns. 

Ready to map out your year? Let’s dive in.

Q1 2024 Marketing Dates (January, February, March)

January Month-LongBack-to-school sales; dry January 
January 1 New Year’s Day 
January 7 Golden Globe Awards
January 15-28Australian Open 
January 26 Australia Day 
January 27Triple J Hottest 100 Announced 
February 4Grammy Awards
February 10Lunar New Year
February 11Super Bowl
February 13 Galentine’s Day
February 14Valentine’s Day; Ash Wednesday 
February 17Random Act of Kindness Day
March 2Sydney Mardi Gras 
March 8 International Women’s Day 
March 9 – April 8Ramadan 
March 10Oscar Academy Awards
March 11Labour Day (Vic); Canberra Day 
March 17 St Patrick’s Day
March 18Global Recycling Day
March 21Harmony Day 
March 21 – 24Australian F1 Grand Prix 
March 29Good Friday
March 31Easter Sunday
TBCAfterpay Day

Q2 2024 Marketing Dates (April, May, June)

April 1Easter Monday; April Fools Day
April 22Earth Day
April 23World Book Day
April 25ANZAC Day
May 4 Star Wars Day
May 6 Labour Day (QLD, NT)
May 9-13Australian Fashion Week
May 11Eurovision Grand Final 
May 12Mother’s Day
May 17World Baking Day
May 27 Reconciliation Day 
June Month-LongEnd of Financial Year (EOFY) Sales
June 1First day of Winter
June 3Western Australia (WA) Day 
June 5World Environment Day 
June 10King’s Birthday Public Holiday (Vic, Tas, NSW, NT, SA)

Q3 2024 Marketing Dates (July, August, September)

July 4-11 NAIDOC Week 
July 7 World Chocolate Day
July 26Start of the Paris 2024 Olympics
August 8 International Cat Day
August 11Paris 2024 Olympics ends
August 26International Dog Day
August 28 Start of the Paris 2024 Paralympics
September 1First day of Spring; Father’s Day 
September 8Paris 2024 Paralympics ends
September 12R U Okay? Day
September 23King’s Birthday Public Holiday (WA)
September 27Friday before the AFL Grand Final (Vic) (TBC)
September 28AFL Grand Final 

Q4 2024 Marketing Dates (October, November, December)

October 1International Coffee Day 
October 5World Teachers’ Day
October 7 King’s Birthday Public Holiday (QLD)
October 10 World Mental Health Day 
October 31Halloween 
November Month-LongMo-vember
November 5US Presidential Election
TBCClick Frenzy 
November 11Remembrance Day 
November 28Thanksgiving
November 29Black Friday
December 1First day of Summer
December 2Cyber Monday
December 25Christmas Day
December 26Boxing Day
December 31 New Year’s Eve

That’s All, Folks

There you have it. Here’s to a year of impactful, marketing success. 

If you’re ready to uplift your digital marketing in 2024, explore our SEO, Google Ads, and Social Media Marketing plans to see what’s right for your business. 

We also recommend checking out our case studies to learn more about the industries we work with and how we could work together. 

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Until next time, 

The Digital Marketing Team at Springboard Digital.

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