Springboard Digital is Growing… Fast!

We’re so excited to share that our wonderful team is continuing to grow, with three new members joining Springboard Digital in the past month! Get to know them here.
Springboard Digital New Employees

We’re so excited to share that our wonderful team is continuing to grow, with three new members joining Springboard Digital in the past month! 

We thrive through innovation and making BIG things happen for smaller businesses, which is why we’re always on the lookout for talent that will expand our existing skill set. Our new hires come from a diverse range of specialist backgrounds. We’re already loving the extra energy and expertise they bring to our team. 

The real question is… how fast will we grow out of our new office? 

Read on to get to know our new joiners.   

Sara Baker 

Sara joins Springboard as a Client Success Manager. She’s incredibly caring, thoughtful, and intelligent, which shines through in her work with our clients no matter their industry or marketing channels.

According to Sara, digital marketing is the perfect mix of the analytical and creative. She loves nothing more than nerding out on data, then interpreting it to inform unique digital strategies that speak to target audiences through gorgeous creative and well-written content. She has a thirst for learning, and so is obsessed with how the digital world requires constant pivoting and upskilling. She’s not one to back away from a challenge! 

Sara is a people person – she thrives off meaningful connections. So, it will be no surprise that the best part of her day is chatting to business owners, getting to know them, their business and their goals, and working with them and her colleagues to achieve them. She especially loves working with such a diverse range of SME businesses that require tailored solutions. Between SEO, Facebook and Google Ads, no two are the same! 

Outside of her time at Springboard, Sara loves visiting beautiful Queensland beaches, spending quality time with her friends and young family, traveling, live music, sport, and visiting Brisbane’s best new restaurants. She recently combined some of her favourite pastimes into a relaxing weekend getaway to the Hunter Valley region with girlfriends, and highly recommends it to anyone who loves beautiful food and divine wine as much as she does! On the flip side, she’s never afraid to join in on our office golf, basketball or cricket conversations, and is a dedicated supporter of her boys’ weekend sport. 

Here’s what Sara had to say when we asked what her favourite part of working for Springboard was: 

“I love the team. So passionate, positive and talented. It inspires me to bring my best every day and contribute as much as I can to building the strong culture we already have. I also love the diversity of clients we get to work with, and that our team is making such a big difference to small and medium businesses and the people behind them.”

Sara Baker

Christina Simonoski 

Christina joins Springboard as a Digital Marketing Executive Content Specialist. Let’s just say, she’s nothing short of a wizard at weaving words into compelling masterpieces for our clients. 

Christina began in the field of science, but quickly fell in love with marketing and media when she realised she was more passionate about communicating findings, research, and important messages. She pursued this passion in a Master of Digital Communications at QUT, where she had a focus on how to use data to communicate effectively. 

Christina has spent a fair chunk of time in the festival and radio space, working for the likes of Brisbane’s own 4ZZZ and Byron Bay Falls Festival. She cannot recommend attending, volunteering or showcasing work through the Brisbane artist community enough!

Christina is drawn to copywriting for the diverse skills it requires; from website design, to coding, analysis, SEO, research, graphic design and social media marketing. It’s certainly nothing short of boring. She particularly loves copywriting for marketing because it’s satisfying to see ideas come to life and to make a real difference in clients’ lives. 

Outside of the 9-5, she’s into all things arts, pilates, gaming and culture, and loves spending her weekends at exhibitions or gigs around Brisbane. Her favourite local act is, hands down, Velociraptor and their front man Jeremy Neale – she highly recommends them to anyone looking for an intimate, affordable and insanely fun gig here in Brisbane. On an international scale, a stand out is Vampire Weekend. 

Here’s what Christina had to say when we asked what her favourite part of working for Springboard was: 

“The culture at Springboard aligns so well with my personal ethos. Making a difference can start anywhere, from your local community to the limits of the world wide web. The team here have been so genuine, welcoming and inspiring in their approach to helping small to medium businesses do marketing and communication well. They’re making a difference and that’s exactly what I want to do, so I couldn’t ask for more.”

Christina Simonoski

Jackie Wang 

Jackie joins Springboard as a Social Media Marketing Specialist. She has a keen passion for creating innovative Facebook and Instagram campaigns that help our clients cut through the noise. 

Jackie loves marketing because it excites her. She loves delving into the varying needs of businesses to generate personalised solutions, understanding consumer behaviour, how diverse the marketing industry and its services are, and how the learning opportunities are simply endless. The digital landscape is never static – as soon as you learn Facebook’s nuances and best practices they swiftly change. You’ll find Jackie right in the thick of it.

Her interests lie more closely with social media because it’s a creative platform for people to discover interests and connect with others who share those interests. Mastering the ins and outs of different social media platforms is easier said than done, but that’s exactly why Jackie loves it. Not to mention, she loves shopping! Why not combine your passions with your job? 

Besides work, Jackie loves discovering new places to eat, fashion, spending quality time with family and friends, traveling, and going on refreshing day trips to the beach. Although she’s seen her fair share of the world’s wonders, her favourite destination is Japan due to its incredible cuisine and shopping. Did we mention she also finds time to teach Violin?! Jackie’s been playing for over 18 years and finds nothing more fulfilling than passing her knowledge onto younger players in her spare time. 

Here’s what Jackie had to say when we asked what her favourite part of working for Springboard was: 

“I absolutely love my colleagues – they make work so comfortable to come into and not so much like ‘work’ at all. The support I have received is phenomenal, and there’s such a great culture that sparks joy.” 

Jackie Wang

Want to Boost your Digital Presence?

We’re so excited to grow our team and capacity for incredible digital marketing. We’re always available to chat about your business, your goals, and how we can help you reach them. Reach out to the Springboard team today!

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